Resin Bond

Resin Bond Surfacing

Resin Bond is also known as Scattercoat, Broadcast or Coat System.

Unlike Resin Bound, Resin Bond is loose. It is sprinkled over the driveway and set into the Resin, although particles may become loose over time, Resin Bond may not be as durable as Resin Bound, but it is a low-cost alternative that really does improve the appearance of your driveway.

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Endless Designs

If you are looking for a uniquely styled driveway, Resin Bond offers a vast range of colour options, allowing you to endless designs and possibilities. Our customers are able to choose from a very impressive vast choice of single colours that can and will meet your specific needs whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary driveway depending on the style of your property.  However, if you are looking for that something a bit more special you can choose a multiple of colours that will and most definitely exceed your expectations! We truly believe in our products and a Resin Bond driveway will really add value to your property and certainly stand out from the rest!

Anti-slip Driveways

Resin Bond provides Anti-slip Driveways that make it ideal for the entire family. Once the driveway has set, there are no loose stones and the driveway does not require a lot of maintenance, just a regular gentle pressure wash.

Worried About Loose Stones?

Resin Bond Driveways are smooth, there are no loose stones that could potentially ‘flick’ or ‘damage’ your vehicle or property. At Resin Bond Driveways, we aim to provide the most ‘beautiful driveways’, offering effective and efficient solutions; and of course, exceed your expectations!

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Resin Bond Driveways work with a ‘No Hidden Extras Policy’ so your invoice will never exceed the contracted price you agreed. With Resin Bond Driveways you can always expect the highest standard in both quality and products! For the most competitive prices on the market, please contact us today on: 0800 170 1707

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We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Resin Bond or Resin Bound Driveways, and discuss which option would be most suitable for your requirements. We understand any improvement to your home is an investment, and give 100% attention to detail.

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