Why Resin Bound

Why Resin Bond Permeable Surfacing?

In October 2008 the permitted development rights that allow property owners to re surface their front gardens and driveways without planning permissions have changed to reduce the impact of water run off and flooding.

If your new replacement driveway or front patio uses a permeable surface such as a Resin Bound system you won’t need to apply for planning permission or if the rainwater is directed towards a permeable surface.

If laying a traditional driveway surface of tarmac, concrete or block paving of more than five square meters, you would need to fill out a planning application form, draw scaled plans and pay a fee of £150.00.This could then take eight weeks before you have a decision from your local council. The following sections explain why the Resin Bound System is the ‘Number One’ answer to controlling water run off and flooding.

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Why paving your front garden creates problems

Massive flooding in 2007 resulted in disruption of many peoples life including loss of life with an estimated £3bn of damage.

In most cases this was caused by drainage simply not being able to cope with the amount of increased rainfall. Paved front gardens and none porous driveways did not help at all. The affects of climate change means this kind of weather is a part of all our futures.

The drainage in most towns and cities were built years ago and were not designed to cope with the amount of rainfall we now experience. Bad design and using the wrong materials make the existing problem go from bad to worse and significantly increase flooding on our streets.

SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems)

SUDS, or Sustainable Urban* Drainage Systems are a sequence of water management practices (1) and facilities (2) designed to drain surface water in a manner that will provide a more sustainable approach than what has been the conventional practice of routing run-off through a pipe to a watercourse.

How can this problem be prevented?

The simple answer to this is to use the Resin Bound System. The permeable surface allows water to drain through the system, back into the water table.

Resin Bound surfaces are more attractive than an expanse of concrete plus they add real value to your home. The Resin System is better for the environment and barely requires any maintenance.

Looking after your permeable driveway

Permeable Resin Bound Driveways provide a durable long lasting surface with countless positive features; here are a few maintenance tips to get the very best from your investment.

  • Clean up leaves, mud and litter before they have chance to block the surface
  • Brush the surface if dirt collects on it as this will reduce the risk of it blocking
  • Remove any surface growing weeds by hand then give the surface a thorough jet wash.

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